Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sydney Quilt Show

This quilt is called "Crossroads" and was made by Harry, and it won a second prize in the Junior A category. This is his third big quilt and he designed, stitched and quilted it. And then stitched the binding on by machine. He is very chuffed with this quilt and is now keen to get on and do another one.

He is planning on making a couple to raffle off next year for the local Relay for Life and also to raise money for the Ten Pin Bowling team he plays in, to go to Sydney for their National tournament. So, we'll be busy.

This one is called "Braided Berry and Lime" and was my contribution to the Show. I love the colours and the pattern and have plans to make another one in oranges and browns. Yum.

This one belongs to Sonia and is called "An Angel's Story" by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.

I love this pattern, and you should not be surprised to know that mine is started and not finished - ha! - but every one of these quilts inspires me to get it out n finished.

It is quilted with ditching in the blocks, a swirl in one of the frames and then freehand leaves, curls, hearts and flowers in the scrappy piecing around the blocks. Very yum.

I have been busy hence the slackness in my posting, but I hope to have some more pics shortly, including a couple of a dinner which Terry and I attended last night at Government House in Sydney. Very posh but a great night!




  1. I saw your quilt at the show Belinda - lovely quilting.

  2. My daughter and I loved Harry's quilt. She entered for the first time this year as well. You must be proud of him...and what a great idea to make some to raffle off!!
    Loved your quilt also..stood in front of it for a while.