Thursday, October 11, 2012

Asian hexies...

This beauty was made by Deidre, and is technically a hexie quilt, but not English paper pieced.  Instead Deidre has machine stitched all the little borders around the hexie shaped Asian fabrics, and then machine pieced them all together.  Its a labour of love and took her AGES....
It is quilted with SID around each of the hexies in a blending thread, and then the  statler has very cleverly stitched a little wavy line along each of the seams between the hexie blocks.
The outside border has 2 designs - one called Rising Steam and Fishing Net by Legacy Quilting designs, and the floral design called Japanese Tri 001 by Kim Diamond.
On a different note, this was our wisteria 3 weeks ago....
Today in full bloom.  Glorious, and with a lovely scent and lots of buzzing bees.

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