Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double wedding ring

Sorry about the terrible colour in these pics, I couldn't manage a close up with the right colours.  Obviously I can't use my camera properly.
Anyway this beauty was made by Marg for a family wedding. It is pieced both by hand and machine and hasn't she done a great job?

It is quilted both freehand and on the Statler.  The freehand is the SID and the continuous curve in the rings. 

In the navy sections I used 2 designs - the large design is by Anne Bright and is called dwr trellis vines; I'm not sure who designed the smaller pattern but it is a small circle design which fills the space perfectly.

I used charcoal wadding in this quilt because it is so dark.  The backing is a tie dye navy blue with hints of purple and pink in it.

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