Friday, October 12, 2012

Stars and more stars...

This beauty was made by Karen,  and isn't it a beauty.  It is an Anni Downs design from her "A Boy's Story" book.
It is quilted with a combination of freehand and ruler work on the Gammill Classic, and then some computerised work on the Statler.
I have used design from Keryn Emmerson (the feathered wreath), and in the pieced blocks (holdfast block 1).  The centre hatching design is from The Quilter's Quilter.  The outside border and stars and loops in the centre are freehand.
The back. 
Sometimes the backs can look as good as the fronts and I make a big effort to make sure that the back is very presentable <G>.
Its cold and rainy here today, I'm off to the gym and then to work.  Perfect day for sewing.


  1. I made this quilt for my "hubby" and when it was finished felt it looked rather average and almost didn't get it quilted.When I saw the photos I was amazed at how Belinda had transformed it!! It was no longer an ugly ducking.I now have a quilt "hubby" and I will cherish.Thanks so much for your wonderfully talented hands.Karen

  2. Really love your loopy/star background fill..