Tuesday, May 3, 2011

En route to Salt Lake City.

I know it has been a while but I have been head down tail up and upside down for weeks now trying to get quilts done, markets set up, manned and taken down, and then sorted to go away to HMQS and the Spring Market in Salt Lake City.

Finally Kate and I are at the airport but not together because I decided to upgrade to business class and she is premium economy, and I'm in the lounge having a very nice cup of tea and a scone!!

I don't have any pics of anything relevant to our trip as I am posting from my iPad, but I do have some pics taken from my sewing room - actually I don't because they are not coming up for me ( I'm a little new at this).

I'm back in 2 weeks but will try and post while I am away,
See you later,



  1. What an exciting time to be in America!
    Enjoy yourselves,

  2. lucky duck....wish I was going too...have lots of fun...do you have any quilts over there ??