Monday, May 9, 2011

Shopping in Utah

Well, the show is done and we had a great time. My quilt got a second which I am very excited about and I learned how to make silk screens out of a photographic type paper which starts all sorts of thoughts about what to do next.

Today Kate and I are off to shop and sightsee with Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses fame and Tracey Browning of Constantine quilts.

It has turned cool after a couple of quite warm days.

Later....I'm waiting in the car all shopped out. The others have gone into their last shop and then we are on the hunt for coffee. Tracey is driving and the 3 of us are navigating, none of us are good with north and south so there is hysterical laughter happening. But, we are having a lovely day catching up on the goss and listening to Aussie accents.

We are in a little VW bug and the boot is FULL!

I'm sorry I have no pictures to show, but it is cloudy and we are in a ski resort shopping area called Parkville (I think) which was built when the winter olympics were here a few years ago. There is still some snow on the mountains but only high up.

Anyway the others will be back soon,

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  1. Congrats on the 2nd prize - how wonderful for you and your beautiful work!
    Hope you've hadf a great time.