Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last pics of Salt Lake City, then back our scheduled programming...

Can you tell I was very taken with this city and these mountains? This was taken on the way to the airport on our way home. Even after a few warm/hot days the snow was still gorgeous.

We went to a little village of shops - I can't remember the name - but there was a quilt shop, knitting shop, beads, clothes, and other goodies and we came across this truck, the bed of which is almost taller than Kate! I'm not sure how I'd load my groceries in the back of this one without a ladder to get me there. .

This was the scene on the opening day of the Spring Market taken from the first floor. We were a little late getting to the 0930 opening and there were streams of people flowing through the door. It wasn't as bad when we got down there as the aisles were wide and people were stopping to see all the goodies.

I think there were 29 aisles of vendors. We did about 15 aisles in the first day - didn't even get to the end.

The is a picture of part of the roof of the convention centre where the show was held. Just lovely. I can see a quilt in there.

Alas, we had to go to the post office to send some goodies home, and looked like real goobers wheeling a suitcase down the street with 2 of our boxes in it because they were too heavy to carry, carrying another. Lucky we didn't know anyone.

I'm back to normal now, all jet lag has gone thank goodness, show quilt for Sydney is finished and I'm back into it all.

Next post I'll have some quilts for you to look at,



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