Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some things that were interesting, and a little odd.

Well, we're back and I think that my jet lag is nearly done after only 2 days. Usually it takes about a week - might have been the glasses of red on the plane and the long sleep during the flight!

We had a lovely time, came home broke with lots of goodies and some still en route via the mail.

I had to buy a new camera as mine finally bit the dust and it was a pita to get it to work. So I took lots of inconsequential pictures while working out the settings of the new one! Subsequently, instead of lovely scenery and quilts you get these as a first look at our time away.

The carpark at the Salt Lake City airport.

A sign at a quilt shop.

In the car park next to the quilt shop. At first I thought they were talking about donating your lung but it is for cars. Odd. Whay would it be lung? If anyone knows the answer please let me know.

The high school where the High School Musical series was filmed.

And, the best of the lot.... a squirrel fur quilt. I could understand if all the pelts were pieced together but singly across the top? Again, if anyone can enlighten me?

Salt Lake City is a very pretty city and we managed to see a fair bit of it, and Kate and I both have pictures. Kate has a new blog called Milthorpe Armadillo, so for some more normal pictures, go and have a look at her stuff.



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