Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're here.

Well after about 28 hours of travelling we arrived safe and sound in Salt Lake City complete with all our luggage. We had good flights and San Francisco immigration was very quick and pain free - and we didn't miss our connection thank goodness.

We did a borders and binding class this morning which was fabulous, with Carmen Geddes of Ten Sisters Handicraft ( . We did piping, prairie points,scallops and the like. Lots of hints and tricks.

This afternoon I did a class with Georgia Stull from Heartland Quiltworks ( ) and learned heaps of new things about CS4 and the Statler. Lots of lightbulb moments.

The show we are at is the Home Machine Quilting Show - Check out the picture of the venue. There is snow still on all the mountains around the city and it is cool, but a great venue and very pretty city.

Tomorrow the show proper opens, and we get to shop!



  1. Belinda, I am SOOOOO jealous..would love the bindings class myself....

  2. Hey Belinda, you forgot to pack something ... ME! Have a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing all your tips and tricks.